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Monday, April 28, 2008

Nintendo Wii Mario Kart

Yesterday while browsing around at Bestbuy, I picked up the newly released Nintendo Wii Mario Kart and an extra Wheel. The game is absoluately outstanding. I had picked up the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii a few weeks ago. In comparison, the Mario Kart blows it away.

The package comes with one Wheel and the game itself. You basically stick in your Wii stick into this wheel and use it as a steering wheel. The control is fairly responsive. What makes this game stand out and fun is the fact it is "Wi-Fi" compatible. Meaning you can play with other people online, giving that extra boost of fun.

While playing the game with the wheel giving it a fun factor, you can in fact still control the game fine using the Wiimote / nunchuck combo or the classic controller. Spending the extra money on the wheel is optional, but not required. Of course the package itself already comes with one.

Be warn, like most Wii games, this game will definitely leave your shoulder soring for a few days! =)

You can read on a few review by people who purchased this by clicking Mario Kart Review (HERE).

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Verizon XV6900 - aka HTC Touch CDMA (HTC Vogue)

Finally after a long delay, many speculations, and endless sleep for a lot of people, the HTC Touch has been officially released to Verizon as XV6900. It had been launched via website as of 04/16/2008 and might show up in stores around 04/30/2008.

The Verizon XV6900 is the cousin of the HTC Touch released in GSM for T-Mobile in the past. The CDMA version had been released to Sprint as Spring Touch in 2007 with a black rubber cover. Verizon, as always wants to be special and different, decided to release this in an all white shinny plastic cover. It comes standard with Windows Mobile Professional 6.0 (also known as Windows Pocket PC version)

This phone tout a nice 65000 color LCD screen, EVDO Rev A ready (not active), and a nice thin design. It would be nice to have wi-fi on this as well, for poor soul who can't afford to pay the unlimited data plan. A common comments you will find about this device is the fact why Verizon went with the white shinny cover instead of the nice rubber version Sprint had released. Another comment would be the lack of multimedia offering on this device. Sprint came with Sprint TV. VZ Navigation isn't available on this device yet.

To make this phone even better is the fact Verizon annouced a new data plan for Smartphone. The Web and Email data plan for Smartphone is only 29.99 unlimited per month. While it currently cover the XV6800 and other smartphones at the moment, it is only time until the XV6900 gets added to the eligiblity list.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

SNL - Celebrity Jeopardy

I have to say this is a classic! You could watch it tons of time and still find it's funny!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Little Crazy Dancing Machine!

Watch this pretty funny kid bust a move...he got skillz!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The "Truth" about Sushi

Came across this interesting explanation about sushi. Answer why sometime we get wierd looks when ordering them at a Japanese Restaurant.