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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rant: Are We Asking Too Much From Our Government?

Over the years, especially when it comes close to election time, I will hear a lot of noise around why our economy sucks. Complaints about our current government not doing their job and how we should replace them with someone more polish that promises reforms, tax breaks, and many other nice things. Every time thing happens it really pisses me off about us, as individual, and less about our government. We were the one who voted the guys in there, who to say the next guy we vote in is any better or worse?

John F. Kennedy said it best "As not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country....” In today society, we want our government to help us in so many different ways. You see group of people demand better health care, another group demand better environmental control, and another group demand lower taxes. While all of this demanding is going on, they all agree on a few things: smaller government, not having to pay taxes, and not in my back yard. The American society is like a bunch of spoiled children who used to have all of the toys and glory, now no longer can affording it, still demands it.

The math is simple: Take a county for an example. A large portion of their income comes from property taxes. As US population grows and economy doing well, American becomes reckless. Buy homes they can't afford, buying TV they don't need, and buying cars they want to show off. Living the good life of credit debt. Over 90% of American falls into this category and guilty of it. As the result of the population growth, they demand their government to keep up with demand. Thus more police officers, more firemen, more nurses and teachers. As the economy starting to suffer, American people decide to be irresponsible and not pay for the TV they bought. Not paying for the house they had and just walk away with a simple paper filing of bankruptcy. The population didn't get smaller, it still continue to grow. Income to the government decrease at a huge rapid rate as more and more homes are being foreclosed. So what to do next? Increase taxes to keep up with supporting demand..we cried NOOOOO. Let see, we have to fire our teacher and close down school to cut cost...we cried NOOOOO! How about letting go some police officers to cut cost. We again cried NOOOO.

What the government should do is turn the table back to the American people. OK genius, I can't cut cost and can't raise taxes, but demand to maintain service, what is the formula to turn lead into gold so I can accomplish this????

We as American people are a bunch of selfish whiners. When we screw up, we expect the government to care for us, we compare our system with Canada and other country alike, demand our government care for us. When our government starts to, we complain and pull out the "democracy" card. Demanding we are not and should not become a socialist country. Bad Canada, Bad other nation.

So what the FUCK do we want our government to do? Why don't we get off our lazy asses, and get a job. Maybe if we get a job, pay our taxes on time and maybe the economy won't go to shit. It is not that there is NO job out there. There is NO job "good enough" for me out there. There plenty of jobs, but we rather stay at home to get the unemployment check, file for disability, and live off Medicare system rather than working for the same pay as we are getting with unemployment. Simple right? Why am I stupid enough to go work at McDonald at $6.75 per hour and be a responsible tax paying American, when I can do absolutely nothing and get paid $6.75 per hour in unemployment? I can catch up on all those TV shows I wanted.

What the FUCK? Each day on the news seeing complaint about our government not doing their job, all while at the same time seeing the lazy American we are sitting on our coach doing the complaint on TV with a bag of chips with unemployment benefit, just pisses me off!

A simple fix: Get off our lazy ass, go find a job, any job that paid you decent wages, rebuild your skill in a new direction, pay taxes. If every American will do just that, maybe, just maybe we will have the rights to complain about our government not doing their job.

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